Organic farm in Alto Adige/Südtirol


Life on our mountain farm at 1550 m is strongly characterized by our sustainable agriculture: We take from nature, but we give a lot back to it. We want to farm in such a way that our children can still live in and with an intact natural environment.

Organic farming

We have been a certified organic farm from the very beginning. Our meadows are not fertilized so that species-rich flora can grow.



We have also been beekeepers since 2022. Our bees help us to maintain the species-rich flower meadows around our farm.

Dexter cattles on the mountain farm Samer

Species-appropriate animal husbandry

We only keep as many animals as we can feed with our own hay. Our animals live outdoors all year round, we avoid transporting animals and, where possible, we carry out stress-free slaughter on the farm.

Grain cultivation

Regional cycles

Grain cultivation has a centuries-old tradition on our farm, which we have revived. We process the grain into flour to make our delicious wholemeal rye bread. By growing our own grain and vegetables, we promote regional cycles, we avoid long transportation routes for food and at the same time we have healthy and home-grown products on our menu every day. You are welcome to taste our farm produce and conjure up delicious meals from it.

Renewable energy and water supply

We have two of our own drinking water sources, we heat with solar energy and wood pellets and produce our own electricity thanks to our own photovoltaic system. We produce 100% of the water and energy you consume as guests on our farm from renewable energy sources.

Waste avoidance

We try to avoid as much waste as possible ourselves and encourage our guests to avoid waste and separate it correctly.

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